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  In D10438#204757 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D10438#204757>, @zzag wrote:
  > @mmustac what about this?
  > F5706606: without-checkboxes-10.png <https://phabricator.kde.org/F5706606>
  > margins:
  > - left: 10
  > - right: 4
  > - top,bottom: 3
  >   ---
  > > The new margins shown in the screenshot are just too huge for my taste.
  > Well, it's hard to target each personal taste. For me, bigger left margin 
feels more natural. Typical the "for my taste" problem.
  Sorry to say but to my taste current margins are fine and new one two large
  Now, to address the taste issue:
  1 What is the use case?
  2 are there bug reports about margins being too narrow?  (From our users?)
  3 is this consistent with other margins used elsewhere in breeze ?
  For 2 at leasthe,  bug reports are generally theother way around,  from 
people complaining that breeze wastes too much space
  So -1 from my side sorry.

  R31 Breeze


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