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  In D10438#204869 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D10438#204869>, @januz wrote:
  > IMO, the last version looks better than the current menu. That said, I 
think the top/bottom paddings are still too tight, I would try adding 2-3px for 
  >  It's true that there's a question of taste but more whitespace is 
generally a good thing (unless you go overboard and start making huge widgets). 
A couple more pixels in the menus will help focus the elements better (by 
framing them in negative space), it will make the ui look less "full of stuff" 
and less tense.
  > For reference:
  > Material design manual: 
  This is a touch based ui.
  > Gnome: http://i.imgur.com/er2odvE.png
  >  Mac: 
  >  Windows: 
  None of these are application's menu. (though I did not check if applications 
menus are narrower in these three cases)
  In anycase, increasing margins should then be made consistently accross the 
style and not one by one if you want to keep balance.
  For gnome, for instance, see how _all_ margins are larger (and thus 
  So far, on bugzilla there have been more complains about breeze being too 
space-hungry than too dense. 
  (I can post the links here if needed)

  R31 Breeze


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