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  In D10438#205010 <>, @abetts wrote:
  > In D10438#205009 <>, @ngraham 
  > > Let's try to avoid radical proposals like getting rid of keyboard 
shortcuts and icons. For now, let's focus on the initial goal, or perhaps a 
slightly modified goal of adding room to put checkboxes to the left of the text 
(which I would support).
  > Can you answer the question though?
  I would not be in favor of removing the menu item icons, no. This would 
introduce inconsistency issues all over the place and represents a fairly 
significant departure from a long-standing UI. If we ever do that, it would 
have to:
  - Present clear usability and visual advantages that enough folks agree on
  - Involve significant discussion of the ramifications
  - Be in in its own patch
  - Involve a great deal of testing to make sure there's no fallout
  - etc
  ...In short, not something worth bringing up in the discussion of this patch.

  R31 Breeze


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