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  In D10438#205041 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D10438#205041>, @zzag wrote:
  > > But then that makes it a different patch, right ?
  > Why?
  Because I know the code: I wrote it.
  >> Margins are not changed. What is changed is the allocated space for the 
menu item content, that always accommodate for the checkbox, and draws it 
whenever there is one.
  > No, margins still have to be changed. I would like to have static margins 
but how to add space on the left side if there is no any menu items with a 
checkable widget? Maybe I'm missing something? I should have added the word 
reserved in quotes.
  This is incorrect.
  The only thing you need to change to accomodate for enough space for 
checkboxes on all menu items disregarding whether there is a checkbox or not is 
to comment the two calls to:
    if( menuItemOption->menuHasCheckableItems )
  Thats a very small patch that requires no change to the margins.

  R31 Breeze


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