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  Great, now we have the titles on the left, like @mart  wants. We're getting 
there! There are a couple remaining issues:
  - Needs a re-base as it doesn't apply cleanly onto current master
  - Now everything in the header is left-aligned. It looks okay in widescreen 
mode, but just doesn't work outside of widescreen mode: F5710867: Too much on 
the left 2.png <> F5710868: Too much on the 
left 1.png <> It looks so unbalanced. I 
really think we need to move the context actions over to the right. The left is 
overloaded with stuff.
  - When I merge master and resolve the merge conflicts, the context actions 
overlap the navigation buttons: F5710865: overlapping.png 

  R169 Kirigami


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