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  Since this is all applet quick item stuff it will just work™ with applet 
within system tray?
  Would be nice to have some `qCInfo` in there somewhere so we can better 
understand what it's doing, when it's increasing/decreasing the rating, when 
it's preloading it, etc.


> appletquickitem.cpp:47
> +//weight values for the logic for when or if to preload
> +static const int s_defaultPreloadWeight = 50;
> +static const int s_defaultLauncherPreloadWeight = 100;

imho using an `enum` rather than a bunch of `static int`s is nicer

> appletquickitem.cpp:49
> +static const int s_defaultLauncherPreloadWeight = 100;
> +static const int s_defaultDatePreloadWeight = 80;
> +static const int s_immediatePreloadWeight = 70;

Are you sure we want to preload the calendar right away? This thing takes 
forever to open, wouldn't want to have that slow down plasma startup massively.

> appletquickitem.cpp:95
> +    //default widgets to be barely preloaded
> +    return qBound(0, 
> applet->config().readEntry(QStringLiteral("PreloadWeight"), 
> qMax(defaultWeight, 
> applet->pluginMetaData().rawData().value(QStringLiteral("X-Plasma-PreloadWeight")).toInt())),
>  100);
> +}

Could this be split into multiple lines, it's quite hard to follow

> appletquickitem.cpp:636
> +    //decrease weight until we open it again
> +    applet()->config().writeEntry(QStringLiteral("PreloadWeight"), qMax(0, 
> preloadWeight - s_preloadWeightIncrement));
> +

This should go into a function, there's like three places where a "random" 
`writeEntry` is scattered around

> appletquickitem.cpp:642
> +        //spread the creation over a random delay between 2 and 10 seconds, 
> to make it look plasma started before, and load everything in the background 
> without big noticeable freezes
> +        QTimer::singleShot(qrand() % ((10000 + 1) - 2000) + 2000, [this]() {
> +            d->createFullRepresentationItem();

Add `this` as context or else it would blow up when the applet is destroyed 
before the timer fires:

  QTimer::singleShot(qrand..., this, [this]() {

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