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> appletquickitem.cpp:789
> +        if (!d->applet->isContainment()) {
> +            applet()->config().writeEntry(QStringLiteral("PreloadWeight"), 
> qMin(d->preloadWeight() + s_preloadWeigthIncrement, 100));
> +        }

So if you ever open the any applet slightly more than every alternate login (at 
any point during that session) over time it'll become blocking preloaded on 

Your login to desktop will just get slower and slower until it's ultimately 
loading everything.


I'm against doing any hacks without prior profiling.

If we find plasma-pa (for example) gains a lot at no cost, great! Add the entry.

If we find plasma-pa loaded in a nanosecond anyway, and takes up 10Mb of RAM to 
do so, then it's a very silly thing to do.

I'd like to see some numbers for every applet we add it to, I don't think the 
shell is in a position to do this automatically.

  R242 Plasma Framework (Library)


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