drosca added a comment.

  You forgot to add StreamRestoreTab.qml to review.
  > I duplicated BaseMap in map.h to use a QString key focused on the info.name 
property. Code duplication sucks. :/
  Can't you just qHash() the name and use it as integer index for normal 
  > Every stream uses the system notifications icon. Would need to play around 
with that.
  I don't think you can get icon name for this from pa.
  > Double scrollbars sucks, but I'd need to look into why there's a binding 
loop on AppletConfiguration.height. We need to use ScrollView + ListView so 
that it only loads 4-5 delegates at a time since I personally had 100+ entries 
(games) which took a few seconds to load the tab when I removed the filter from 
the Applications tab.
  That should only be bug in Plasma, it should work fine in kcmshell/system 

  R115 Plasma Audio Volume Applet


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