Zren added a comment.

  > You forgot to add StreamRestoreTab.qml to review.
  Oh woops. Sorry, did a `git diff` rather than staging stuff.
  >> I duplicated BaseMap in map.h to use a QString key focused on the 
info.name property. Code duplication sucks. :/
  > Can't you just qHash() the name and use it as integer index for normal 
  God, I've been using Python/JS so long I forgot about hashing map keys at the 
lower level.
  Hmmm, that means I could break updateEntry into 3 functions (abstract code/ 
update by index / update by name).
    diff --git a/src/maps.h b/src/maps.h
    index 0051153..7a440e5 100644
    --- a/src/maps.h
    +++ b/src/maps.h
    @@ -120,31 +120,44 @@ public:
         // Context is passed in as parent because context needs to include the 
         // so we'd cause a circular dep if we were to try to use the instance 
         // Plus that's weird separation anyway.
    -    void updateEntry(const PAInfo *info, QObject *parent)
    +    void updateEntry(const PAInfo *info, QObject *parent, quint32 key)
    -        if (m_pendingRemovals.remove(info->index)) {
    +        if (m_pendingRemovals.remove(key)) {
                 // Was already removed again.
    -        const bool isNew = !m_data.contains(info->index);
    +        const bool isNew = !m_data.contains(key);
    -        auto *obj = m_data.value(info->index, nullptr);
    +        auto *obj = m_data.value(key, nullptr);
             if (!obj) {
                 obj = new Type(parent);
    -        m_data.insert(info->index, obj);
    +        m_data.insert(key, obj);
             if (isNew) {
    -            const int modelIndex = m_data.keys().indexOf(info->index);
    +            const int modelIndex = m_data.keys().indexOf(key);
                 Q_ASSERT(modelIndex >= 0);
                 emit added(modelIndex);
    +    void updateEntryByIndex(const PAInfo *info, QObject *parent)
    +    {
    +        Q_ASSERT(info);
    +        updateEntry(info, parent, info->index);
    +    }
    +    void updateEntryByName(const PAInfo *info, QObject *parent)
    +    {
    +        Q_ASSERT(info);
    +        QString infoName = QString::fromUtf8(info->name);
    +        quint32 nameHash = qHash(...);
    +        updateEntry(info, parent, nameHash);
    +    }
         void removeEntry(quint32 index)
             if (!m_data.contains(index)) {
  There's one other reference to `object->index()` in `insert(Type *object)`, 
but I think that was only used by StreamRestore to populate the notification 
stream in `Context::streamRestoreCallback`. If that's the only use, we could 
remove that function.
  >> Every stream uses the system notifications icon. Would need to play around 
with that.
  > I don't think you can get icon name for this from pa.
  Yeah I think so too. I meant more like hiding the icon under the "Stream 
Restore" tab or using a different icon for everything other than the 
"notification" stream.

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