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> davidedmundson wrote in icons.cpp:24
> does this list come from anywhere?

It was done trial and error by running couple of gtk apps (gedit, gimp, 
inkscape, shotwell) etc, the kde 4 appmenu also had something like this albeit 
less elaborate

> davidedmundson wrote in menuproxy.cpp:195
> are these always set before the window is created?

I haven't seen it not working and wasn't really keen on playing with native 
event filters again as I did in appmenu applet

> davidedmundson wrote in menuproxy.cpp:249
> what's this about?

KDE stuff shows up in `xprop` as


note the `STRING` whereas GTK shows up as


note the `UTF8_STRING`. I did not find the corresponding type enum anywhere and 
it also seems to be different for different machines

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