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  Thanks for your input!
  > Yes, menubar may be empty
  Okay. Problem is that for example LibreOffice doesn't have a menu right away, 
so I can't realy tell "no menu because it's still loading" or "no menu because 
it doesn't have one" and then fallback to app menu. I could perhaps check if 
the app has an appmenu at all before trying to fallback but not really fond of 
adding even more complexity to it.
  > GTK3 applications (file-roller, for example) can use both appmenu and 
menubar with different items (and different action)
  What kind of different actions? So far I have only had redundancy in the app 
menu, I'll try to look into this, merging two separate menus into one somehow, 
also getting the app name for the app menu..
  > You can add New Window and Quit to File menu, Sidebar to View, Preferences 
and Keyboard shortcuts to Tools (or Edit), and Help and About to help.
  How am I supposed to know which action belongs where?
  > What about FIXME unity, what are you mean?
  That was just for the icon mapping, I can probably remove this, since the 
actions in unity are just their localized labels plus `unity.` prefix, there's 
nothing I can map them to (like I would be able to `` to 
`document-open` icon)

  R120 Plasma Workspace


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