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  In D11166#224822 <>, @drosca wrote:
  > In D11166#224814 <>, @ngraham 
  > > Can you help me understand why this might be unwanted in that 
circumstance? You'd still have only one input and one output, no?
  > In case where both cards support both input/output, but it was disabled by 
selecting according profile, I think it is still useful to know from which card 
it comes.
  If that's a hard requirement for this patch, I might need some help with it.
  >> If you want, I can do the same there too. But I opted not to since the 
Applications tab is a more advanced UI and will only more rarely have a single 
playback stream and a single capture stream.
  > Here I would like to hide the header when there are only apps playing 
audio, not recording. This should be the most common case.
  OK, I can do that.


> drosca wrote in DeviceListItem.qml:39
> Why do you change opacity? It makes it inconsistent with applications tab.

Check out the screenshot. If I hadn't conditionally changed the opacity here, 
then in the Simple Mode, the header text would look very light, instead of 
being fully opaque.= the way it should be.

  R115 Plasma Audio Volume Applet


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