Hi Eclipse devs,

Request for help, not a sales pitch of any kind.

I’m a Microsoft account manager and work with development orgs to support their 
apps/websites/etc. I have a very large customer with an open support case with 
Microsoft that looks like it may be a Microsoft/Eclipse combo issue. I’m 
looking for an Eclipse developer contact to partner on the case with our 
technical support team and the customer. Specifically we would love to speak 
with Nikita Nemkin if possible. The details of this issue:

Q: Describe the issue including as much detail as possible A: When testing 
builds 1809 and 1903 in our environment if an RDP session is opened it will 
crash any program we have that is based on Eclipse. No error message, just 
immediately closes the program. It can be from any machine running Win 7/Win 10 
into the machine running Win 10 1809/1903. Our main issue is Lotus Notes. We 
still use it as our mail client and it houses many of our databases. We run 
version 9.0.1 Feature Pack 10. We currently cannot upgrade to a higher version 
because our databases our incompatible. We also have another in-house program 
based off of Eclipse that crashes on RDP sessions. This link to the Eclipse bug 
forum while not exactly the same, best describes our issue: 
 I have attached crashdumps when it occurs. This issue does not happen in any 
version of Windows 10 previous to 1809. We currently run 1803 in production and 
it does not have this problem.

Any help moving forward would be greatly appreciated.

Katie Konow
Application Development Manager
Microsoft Services: Developer Support
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