I hope I'm on the right mailing list for this issue. The kernel (I'm
using Fedora's 2.6.37rc7) loads the acer-wmi module on a Lenovo Ideapad
S12 netbook and I think that's not necessary. Loading the module causes
problems with NetworkManager, the wireless network can't be enabled at
all. This seems to happen because acer-wmi adds a soft blocked wifi
killswitch, which can't be unblocked with rfkill.

Now that the kernel has the ideapad-laptop module, which seems to handle
the killswitches better, acer-wmi could probably be disabled with this
netbook. I know almost nothing about ACPI/WMI myself, which is why I'm
writing on the list instead of just fixing this.

Ville-Pekka Vainio

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