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Hi Alan

I have just looked at the latest official version of
FindwxWidgets.cmake from the cmake git master branch and it is the
same as or superior to the PLplot unofficial version in all respects
(e.g., in supporting all the recently released versions of wxWidgets).
Therefore, I have just changed the PLplot master branch so that our
unofficial version follows the official version (see my recent commit

About that cmake wxWidgets driver bug that I reported here and patched on my local plplot 5.11.1 version

I did a clone of the git master from


and I do get an error, that wxWidgets cannot be found

Hi Pedro:

Thanks for following up on my request to test our latest git version of
cmake/modules/FindwxWidgets.cmake.  Since that file still doesn't work to allow
you to find wxWidgets-3.1.0 for your particular platform circumstances,
I strongly suggest you do the following to debug this issue further:

To simplify (always a good thing when debugging), please try a simple
CMake test project that attempts only to find wxWidgets using the
official CMake find module from whatever version of cmake you are
using. I have attached a compressed version of such a test project.
It gives me the following results here for CMake-3.5.2:

-- Found wxWidgets: -L/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu;-pthread;;;-lwx_baseu-3.0;-lwx_gtk2u_core-3.0 (found version "3.0.2") -- wxWidgets_FOUND : TRUE
-- wxWidgets_INCLUDE_DIRS    : 
-- wxWidgets_LIBRARY_DIRS    : /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu
-- wxWidgets_LIBRARIES       : 
-- wxWidgets_CXX_FLAGS       : -pthread
-- wxWidgets_USE_FILE        : 
-- Configuring done
-- Generating done
-- Build files have been written to: /tmp/build_dir

I have just checked the official find modules for wxwidgets, and the
big change from CMake-3.6.2 to 3.7.0-rc1 was to introduce the changes
required to find wxWidgets-3.1.0.  So the attached test project should
fail to find wxWidgets-3.1.0 if you are using CMake-3.6.2 or any prior
version, but if you try it with CMake-3.7.0-rc1, it should succeed
unless there is a bug in that official version (which is effectively
the same as the PLplot version so I suspect there is a bug in that
version).  If you pass on to me the changes in the CMake-3.7.0-rc1
find module (normally found in
$PREFIX/share/cmake-3.7/Modules/FindwxWidgets.cmake for
CMake-3.7.0-rc1) that makes it work for this simple test case, then I
will update the PLplot version of the file accordingly, and also
request the CMake developers make your suggested change.  This is
excellent timing for making such a bugfix suggestion to them since
3.7.0 has not yet been officially released.

Of course, on the other hand, if the simple test project succeeds with
finding wxwidgets-3.1.0 on your platform with CMake-3.7.0-rc1, then
the problem is a PLplot bug rather than a simple CMake find module
bug, and we will have to dig deeper.  So please keep in touch
about your results for the suggested simple test.

Alan W. Irwin

Astronomical research affiliation with Department of Physics and Astronomy,
University of Victoria (astrowww.phys.uvic.ca).

Programming affiliations with the FreeEOS equation-of-state
implementation for stellar interiors (freeeos.sf.net); the Time
Ephemerides project (timeephem.sf.net); PLplot scientific plotting
software package (plplot.sf.net); the libLASi project
(unifont.org/lasi); the Loads of Linux Links project (loll.sf.net);
and the Linux Brochure Project (lbproject.sf.net).

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