On Thu, 1 Feb 2018, Rich Shepard wrote:

A curios situation. The SQL Ledger fork, ledger123, died some time in the
past few years without notice to those of us who used the software for
business bookkeeping or those of us on the mail list. I moved all
bookkeeping (business and personal to GnuCash) so this did not bother --
or affect -- me.

  Armaghan responded to my message sent to his gmail account and he writes
that he'll straighten out everything. This morning I did a couple of final
checks and documented the strange state of the domains and web sites. I
present this here just to close this thread.

   According to 'whois' ledger123.com expired last December, but
ledger123.org was just renewed for another year. However, www.ledger123.org
does not exist while www.ledger123.com brings up a working site (with a
copyright date of 2018). Huh?

   On the .com site the mailing list links point to the .org site. I've no
idea of the ledger123 status because of the inconsistencies between the .com
and .org TLDs. E-mail to sql-ledger-unsubscr...@ledger123.org (from the
displayed web page) and to the .com name produce no responses.

  My suspicion is that ledger123's dead and he's moved on to other things,
further east than London.

Whadda' mess,


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