It might be nice to put the images/data on

on I know I would rather have a single business card with a link to the data, rather than collect a bunch of paper to travel with. Well ok sometimes I like the paper, others I don't. But it would be another way to push people toward, knowing that what they want is there, -- and uptodate. Oh well maybe not so uptodate. still has the free expo code for 2015 on it.

John Jason Jordan wrote:
On Wed, 11 Jul 2018 11:03:12 -0700
wes <> dijo:

It also occurred to me to post the business card and flyer someplace
public so that others can look and comment. I sent them just to
Michael off list because you can't attach things to the list. Where
should I upload them to?
There are many image sharing sites available now. I like You
have to click "New Post" and then upload all the images you want into a
single page, or "album". Be aware that these will be publicly visible
to all users of imgur, not just people you give the link to.
OK, voici the flyer and business card.
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