Is there anyone on this list who happens to be good at installing custom Roms on an android phone? I have been trying and failing over and over.

I'm on a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3

For each step of the process I've tried different things just in case the issue was somehow with one of them:

1) So for instance for the rooting step, I've used different rooting tools (and according to root checker apps, each one succeeds).

2) For installing a custom recovery, I've used both and TWRP, and they both seemed to install well and be functional.

3) For the next step of installing a ROM, I've tried about 5 different custom Roms.

I've followed lots of different tutorials -- but every single time after everything is all installed and the phone is doing it's final reboot to boot into the new OS it just hangs. If I then force a turn off (hold down power for a long time). It turns off and the promptly reboots - so I guess I've got both a "hanging boot" and a "boot loop" - so a "hanging boot loop"?

Online tutorials say if you get here to install the factory default ROM, and so I do. Everything works perfectly in the default ROM. After getting it back to a good state and using it for a couple of days, I try my luck again and once again go through the rooting, recovery, custom ROM process where everything seems to go OK until the final reboot where it once again gets in a hanging boot loop.

A few places I've read online talk about how if you get a hanging boot loop and try to do various data wipes from recovery and they don't work there might be something physically wrong with your phone - so I might wonder that except for the fact that each time I am able to reinstall the stock rom and it works just perfectly.

Any ideas? I've spent probably a good 40 hours on this over the last 5 - 6 weeks and am past the end of my rope. Any tips would be so incredibly appreciated!



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