Date: Tuesday, August 15th
Time: 7:00pm
Location: UVU Business Resource Center

Speaker: Jon Jarvis

The War on Privacy is ongoing and it is escalating. Invasions into your privacy 
have become sneakier, highly automated, difficult to avoid and increasingly 
convoluted to opt-out from. Content platforms and advertising networks are 
actively seeking and developing new technologies to collect and correlate the 
physical identities, movement, characteristics, and Internet activity of 

Skip this talk if you're already familiar with and prepared to defend against:- 
Instant facial recognition and correlation at scale- Geo-fenced content 
delivery- Retailer and municipal WiFi tracking- Unblockable browser 
fingerprinting- Cross-device ultrasound beaconing- Inescapable data brokers

Data poisoning and obfuscation may be our only chance for survival. Come with 
me - what I will show you is only the shore on a continent of horror.

Just go in the front doors, and follow the signs. We're usually in a conference 
in the back of the main floor. has directions and a map

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