esa wrote: 
> I have checked custom browse. You are correct about :
> 1) Web interface : there is a PL button which will play a Dyn Play List
> 22135

Are you sure you are running LMS 7.9?  Your attached image is what the
WebUI looked like for me in 7.7: Several different "mixer" icons that
kick off different things like Dynamic Playlists, TrackStat,
SQLPlaylists, etc.  But in 7.9, all I see is a single M icon, which when
you click on it brings you to a page with all of these options.  I
understood from comments on the Forum that this was the normal behavior
for 7.9.

My problem is that Dynamic Playlists isn't showing up on that list when
you click on the M icon for the playlists in the Playlist menu.  Also,
please note, I'm talking about the built-in menu at the top level, not
the one under the Custom Browse.  (well see my post above: the Custom
Browse Playlist menu can be elevated to the top level.  Either way, the
CB version does have the Dynamic Playlists item in the Mixer context
menu on the WebUI, but not on Touch, Controller, or iPeng.)

esa wrote: 
> But, you have a menu "Dynamic PLaylist" where you can launch a playlist
> as Dynamic : 
> Dynamic Playlist --> DynamicPLaylistFavourite (maybe this menu should be
> enable in SQL PLaylist setting) --> Random Song From Playlist 
> Through this menu, you can press play. It is not a context menu.

Yes, that works fine, but it's not as elegant -- you have to select the
playlist that you want to play this way.  By having Dynamic Playlist in
the mixer context menu you can fire it for whatever playlist you
navigate to.  Again, this has worked fine through LMS 7.7, so something
has changed going to 7.9.

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