I own a syno ds210+ and spotty appears not to be supported. I assume
that is because we are missing something compiled for ppc853x processors


? Maybe I can help - I do have a background in Perl as well as
"buildmeister" in several environments, and as you have guessed, I would
really like to get spotty on my DS210+ :-?

The problem here is not Perl, but Rust. The helper application is written in Rust (https://github.com/michaelherger/spotty, using https://github.com/plietar/librespot). While it's pretty well supported on many platforms, some of the libraries used by librespot are depending on C code. And not all of those are properly maintained to cross-compile successfully. I ended up setting up build environments on all platforms I support because cross-compilation didn't work. And in some cases the tools simply are not available to compile on the target platform (armel...). But I didn't look into PowerPC, to be honest. Feel free to give it a try and let me know about your findings.


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