Just downloaded the App to Samsung S4. Some questions if I may;

1. A-Z filter in Album Artists; When I tap it, it toggles on/off.  But
if I toggle it to Off, why doesn't it stay off permanently? 
For example; Go to Album Artist, toggle A-Z to Off, Select Artist,
tap return key on phone & A-Z is back again?
If it is there all the time, what is the point of tapping on/off

2. Speaking of A-Z filter; I thought I would try to use it? Well when I
tap say 'M' it displays a list starting with (P)ink Floyd? And Pink
Floyd is not even the first Artist I 
have starting with P? Why does it jump to Pink floyd? I have many
Artists starting with 'M".
So I tap 'O' and it displays list starting with 'S'?
What gives?

3. Progress bar on now playing screen; I know I can tap the album cover
and the progress bar appears. I can choose some tracks and the progress
bar remains.
But when my phone goes into the 'lock' screen after a short while,
when I swipe back in and tap the app the progress bar is gone again?
Both the original Logitech app & Squeezer never had this problem.

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