Jeddie wrote: 
> Just downloaded the App to Samsung S4. Some questions if I may;
> 1. A-Z filter in Album Artists; When I tap it, it toggles on/off.  But
> if I toggle it to Off, why doesn't it stay off permanently? 
> For example; Go to Album Artist, toggle A-Z to Off, Select Artist,
> tap return key on phone & A-Z is back again?
> If it is there all the time, what is the point of tapping on/off
> A-Z?
Did you set the option to have the A-Z list show by default?  Hiding
that A-Z list gives the main list more horizontal room for the text.

Jeddie wrote: 
> 2. Speaking of A-Z filter; I thought I would try to use it? Well when I
> tap say 'M' it displays a list starting with (P)ink Floyd? And Pink
> Floyd is not even the first Artist I 
> have starting with P? Why does it jump to Pink floyd? I have many
> Artists starting with 'M".
> So I tap 'O' and it displays list starting with 'S'?
> What gives?
You may want to do a full rescan of your library.  The A-Z list depends
on an index list that the app requests from the server.  Sometimes when
the library has some corruption, the jump points end up being

Jeddie wrote: 
> 3. Progress bar on now playing screen; I know I can tap the album cover
> and the progress bar appears. I can choose some tracks and the progress
> bar remains.
> But when my phone goes into the 'lock' screen after a short while,
> when I swipe back in and tap the app the progress bar is gone again?
> Both the original Logitech app & Squeezer never had this problem.
> Is there some way I can keep the progress bar?

That's because the progress bar was never designed to be permanent. It's
default state is to be hidden, the option in the preferences just stops
it from automatically hiding once it's shown. When app gets hidden and
shown again, the progress bar reverts to it's default state.  I'll see
if I can save the state of the bar when app gets hidden.

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