slartibartfast wrote: 
> If anyone else using the Android Spotify app could also check whether
> switching between players works for them that would be very helpful.
Here I realise another phenomenon. My other Players are two Google
Chromecast Audio, thanks to Philippes Chromecast Bridge, one Squeezelite
running on Max2Plays Ubuntu 14.04.5 and one Squuezelite under Mac OS X
High Sierra.
When I switch in Spotify (runningon my Mac) from one device to another,
they all are playing. But everytime I change the player they start
muted, so I have to set the volume by hand.

1x odroid u3 with max2play as lms + 'teac ud-501'
( usb-dac + 'phonitor mini'
headphone amplifier + 'akg k812'
headphones | 2x squeezebox classic | 1x raspberry pi with 'hifimediy
es9023 dac' ( +picoreplayer
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