Cough wrote: 
> I am a long time Squeezebox owner - three complete units with the
> Logitech remote and player etc ... 
> But trying to get into the 21st century I have now got working:
> Logitech Media Player on my PC (Windows 10)
> Squeezer App and Squeeze Player App on a cheap Android phone (Alcatel
> Pixi) that I bought from Walmart for $12
> Phone connects via Bluetooth to external speakers
> I am not very technical.  but I wonder if somehow I can generate a
> script that runs when I turn the "phone" on and then runs Squeezer to
> connect to the Media Player, then runs Squeeze Player to play the music
> on the "phone" and then connects to bluetooth? 

Probably not what you want to hear when you aready have made your choice
for Squeezer + Squeeze Player, but Squeeze Control + SB Player allow you
to do exactly what you want. Squeeze Control can be configured to
automatically launch SB Player on starting, but most importantly, SB
Player can be configured to start along with your device, and at the
same time launch Squeeze Control (or even Squeezer for that matter).
Bluetooth is actually even simpler. It should restart in the state it
was in when powering down the phone, and if the bluetoot speaker is
powered on, it will connect automagically :)

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