majones wrote: 
> In his blog, the SqueezePlayer app developer suggests the AutomateIt
> app. I'm using it to start SqueezePlayer on my Android, and I have other
> "rules" to kill all sound from the phone and to set the bluetooth volume
> to full - all triggered when the phone boots. You can create a rule to
> start Squeezer, or SqueezePlayer has the option to start it.
That's indeed another possible path. The PhoneProfilesPlus app
allows this kind of functionality as well. I use it to automatically
launch MapMyRide + MediaMonkey when I connect my heart rate monitor for
working out, but also to change lockscreen behaviour and sound volumes
etc depending on whether I'm in my car, at home, at work, in a meeting

Main System: Touch; Marantz SR-5004 + TMA Premium 905 + TMA Premium 901
+ Teufel Ultima 20 Mk 2 + BK Monolith+ FF + Lenovo T460 + Kodi + Pioneer
Workshop: iPad 32GB Wifi + Squeezepad (local playback activated)
Wherever needed: Acer Iconia Tab A700 + Squeezeplayer
Kitchen: iPhone 5s + iPeng (local playback activated) + NAD 312 + Teufel
Ultima 20 Mk 2
Headphone (cozy corner): Lenovo T550 + Squeezelite-X + Cyrus Soundkey +
Topping A30 + Focal Elear
Car: TBC ...
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