slartibartfast wrote: 
> There is something very odd about Connect via the Android Spotify app
> now. 
> 1. Once a Squeezebox player has been selected it is impossible to switch
> to any other player.
> 2. After closing and reopening the Spotify app, a selected track will
> play on the selected player but there is no "now playing" screen so
> playback cannot be stopped via the Spotify app.
> 3. If the "now playing" screen is visible and a new track is selected
> then the new track plays but the "now playing" screen still displays the
> old track. If the playlist/queue is displayed then the correct track is
> shown at the top of the page.
> If the Windows web player is used then non of these issues occur but if
> the player is switched then the original player does not stop.
> If any other players than Squeezeboxes are   chosen in the Android app
> then switching players is possible but as soon as a Squeezebox is
> selected switching becomes impossible. 
> Hope this makes sense.
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Can confirm on Pi3 same for 1 and 2 couldn't get back to a now playing
screen for 3 but seems familiar (sorry not exactly scientific for that

Also had same issues on Odroid XU4 running LMS 7.9.1 and Spotty 2.1.7
using max2play Ubuntu 16.04 image. Can't check your 3 points on that
setup at the moment but definitely point 1.

The max2play image I'm using on the Pi3 is their "Stretch"
version....happy to check other stuff if you point me in the right

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