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> Yes but it really shouldn't happen. I still can't understand why you can
> switch between Squeezebox players and Gegen and I can't.
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Well if it's any consolation, I can't switch players now.  Music is
playing on my study pi server, I try to switch play to my Boom, I get
"Start playing some music .....".
This worked without problem yesterday. Huh!


|Filename: cantplaynowfuck.jpg                                      |

*Study/Server - LMS 7.9.1 -* Pi3/Pi screen/HiFiBerry DAC+/piCorePlayer
3.22/jivelite, 25K library on WDMyCloud, cache and playlists on a USB
stick (formatted ntfs).
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*Dining Room* - Pi3 > HiFiBerry AMP+/retro radio
*Garage* - Pi3/Pi screen/HiFiBerry DAC+/piCorePlayer 3.22 > Edifier
*In car* - LMS 7.9.1 > RPi3/Max2Play > HiFiBerry DAC+ > car's hifi
(files on a 2TB portable USB drive)
*Spares* - 1xTouch, 1xSB3, 1xRadio, 1xBoom
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