I've run the skin on iOS 11, iPhone SE and iPad (2017), it works fine,
it looks good. Contragulations!

Some feedback, constructive hopefully:
The repo link is nice, however you've make a requirement of version
7.9.1+, I was running 7.9.0 and didn't get the plugin to show up. 

I initially set "m" to be the default skin in preferences... bad move ;)
To recover the usual skin I went to "http://<server>:9000/classic/#" and
changed server settings from there.

I have counted 3 ways of changing player on iPhone SE:
- swipe left or right,
- select one of the segments of the dotted line below volume control,
- hit one of the arrows to the left or right of the screen
And one more on iPad: select the player by name in the dock at the
bottom of the screen.

For me, I don't think I would have use for the party mode or volumes

I like the sync/unsync feature: for once I don't seem to sync with the
wrong player... My players are set to *not* sync power state, so if I
sync with a powered-off player, it doesn't start. To start it the only
way I've found is to visit its page and hit Play. But in this case it
starts from the beginning of the current song, not from the current

HTH and thank you for your efforts bringing the LMS UI to this decade
--or is it this centrury? :)

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