Okay, I found that a simple wget only retrieves 45 items...but so does a
web browser.  There is a button at the bottom that will enable you to
ultimately view all the items, depending on the page you're currently
visiting.  What I can tell you is the site doesn't get them all at once
either.  As you scroll down it 'shows' another group of 45-50(?) or so
and the scroll bar just keeps jumping until you reach the end of the web
page listing.

The good news (as far as I'm concerned) is that the items are already in
'date added' order, so leaving the list UNSORTED should result in them
being presented this way with no effort.

I'm also not a 'Perl Guy' :eek:, but I tried to do some hacking about in
Scraper.pm by removing the 'sort' at line 88-89, and in Plugin.pm at
lines 303 & 308 by adding dontSort => 1.  This did cause something to
happen - the results are no longer sorted but they are not in the same
order as a 'wget' either.  I'm sure I did something wrong.

So, it would seem to me a quick fix for testing is to have a fly-out
under 'Collection' and 'Wishlist' that say something like 'unsorted =
date added', and if possible 'sorted = A-Z by Artist-Album', and ,
'sorted = A-Z by Album Title', and for 'Followers' and 'Following' just
2 - 'unsorted = date added', 'sorted = A-Z'.

Once that is working, fixing the issue of getting all the content would
be next - how to fix that issue, I'm clueless.  Someday I hope to gain a
better understanding of how exactly all this code works, because I
absolutely love the platform.

I'm sure the pagination is a more complex issue, so I understand if it
just goes on a 'wish list' for now...

Thanks again for all your work in maintaining this community and helping
it continue to thrive!


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