majones wrote: 
> I think I have the solution in two parts. Firstly I'm playing MPEG-4
> audio files which LMS transcodes to FLAC for my Boom players but leaves
> as MPEG-4 for my Radios. The problem is that LMS appears to be incapable
> of specifying a MPEG-4 time jump for the Radios, so they start at the
> beginning of the track or where they last remembered a pause. The
> solution is to disable native MPEG-4, so LMS takes control of everything
> and correctly specifies the timing via a FLAC stream. Secondly, I think
> it's better to stop rather than pause the devices, because I suspect the
> pickup point after "stop" is definitely provided by LMS that works
> across all devices whereas pause may allow a device to decide where it
> wishes to restart a track.

Thanks for the update - i was beginning to wonder if this could be an
odd bug that i overlooked. 

As a side note if other users are reading this: You could experience the
same issue if you use bookmarks for remote playlists.The plugin that
provides the service must provide the possibility to change the position
in the currently played track. 
Since most users would use Spotify i tested Michaels Spotty Plugin with
some audio books - works fine. But other services dont, like Qobuz
(Unfortunately, because this is the one i am using :) )

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