I'd like to share something with you - I always wanted to have the clock
on the radio screen easily visible from a distance, while playing.
Default clock on "Now Playing" screen is so tiny...
I went for hacking the radio's firmware. The patch I am sharing here has
been tested for long time already on multiple radios, so it should be
safe. Feel free to take a look at the patch file itself in the repo

To install it:
1) Add
https://raw.githubusercontent.com/unhawkable/squeeze/master/repo.xml as
an additional repository in your LMS settings
2) Install "Patch Installer" Applet on your radio -
3) Install "Now Playing with Big Clock" patch through the Patch
Installer on your radio
4) On Now Playing screen, turn the big knob rapidly to switch screen
modes. I recommend disabling default modes in radio's options.

Example screenshots:
24691 24692 24693

|Filename: squeezeplay0004.png                                      |
|Download: http://forums.slimdevices.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=24694|

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