ButC wrote: 
> You might need to use the Local Player plugin where Squeezelite then
> acts as a software player. Then you set up a Touch to use that player
> (Squeezelite). Then start a playlist from your android Spotify app
> (using Connect, select Squeezelite as the player), see to it that the
> screen of the phone goes dark, and now when the song plays you use the
> Touch's remote to skip to the next song and let play for a few seconds,
> and now when you wake up your phone's screen by using your fingerprint
> reader the currently playing song will pause within a second. At least
> this is what happens for me. And as said, it happens 100% of the time.

This seems to have been fixed. I haven't tried all that much but from
what I can see it's working as it should :)


Windows 10
LMS 7.9.1
Local Player Plugin (Squeezelite)
Intel Compute Stick
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