hestbank wrote: 
> My LMS is crashing every time I try and use Spotty and the Squeezebox
> Touch reverts to the mysqueezebox.com server.
> Max2Play 2.45 on a Raspberry Pi 2.
> LMS Logitech Media Server (v7.9.1, 1521438894, Mon Mar 19 07:05:45 CET
> 2018) perl 5.020002
> LMS Server log for today attached.
> I have set plugin.spotty=info set in Settings/Advanced/Logging.  Where
> do I find this log? It is not with the server log at
> /var/log/squeezeboxserver.
> Thanks,
> DavidIs it still crashing today? Spotty loggings should be in the server log.
If you have restarted the server check that the logging settings are
still set. There is a box to check of you want the settings to survive a

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