bpa wrote: 
> The Duo V1 has a Infrant chip which has a SPARC processor - I don't know
> if Philippe has a binary for Sparc processors - most system have x86 or
> ARM.

PasTim wrote: 
> If there are no suitable plugins for the NAS, can you use another
> computer to run the Chromecast bridge?  You can run it remotely from
> your server - have a look at the user guide.

You might even have a very old kernel on such "exotic" configuration and
my toolchain has been built for something >2.6.x. I tried a QEMU image
to see if it was at least starting, but it fails due to that kernel
version problem. So I think @PasTim is right, it's probably better to
have the bridge run on something else on your network, if you really
want it. Generally, I would even recommend not running LMS on such
configurations. I know this is a passionated debate for some, but I
don't think NAS, especially old devices, are suitable for LMS. Better
use a Pi3. Cheap, low power, small, very solid.

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