Freddy wrote: 
> Great to see an own thread about this, I totally missed that before.
> I have a question.
> I'm currently running NGINX for connecting secure to Home-Assistant
> (HTTP) and connecting to my MQTT broker (stream)
> Alexa integration works fine with HA using HAASKA + let´s encrypt cert
> I'm a bit confused about this:
> "Nginx doesn't seem to support non-HTTP traffic over TLS."
> So I need to install stunnel anyhow or should it be possible to use

Stunnel is recommended, or at least documented and tested in detailed. 

Good news though - on searching just now it looks like 'nginx R6
supports SSL termination for TCP protocols'
, in theory at least :) The docs make it -look- quite easy (more modern
than stunnel too), and it supports speed-increasing things like SSL
session caching and SSL session tickets (should be fast enough already

You'd need a separate (secret) cert but I've listed the steps on
creating this. If you have issues, try the Github issues, or if you get
it working and fancy documenting...

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