Aidem wrote: 
> Hi nickb, sorry, I realised I was on the wrong thread and felt
> discussion should be switched this thread.
> Thank you your reply.
> In your installation guide, after *clone the repo* the guide has the
> sentence. “Note you will have to run a release process now to get the
> translations “
> What does this mean?

That was updated recently actually now that it's a multilingual app
(currently British English and erm German German). It's aimed mainly at
developer I guess but I'll try and clean that up, plus  add some
automation around this before the next release.

But if you're downloading v1.1 (as I'd recommend) - it predates this
change and you should refer to -that- 'v1.1 README'
( (also
included in the zip).

> In your reply to me on the other thread, again on this part of the set
> up you wrote ‘The codebase is primarily to build and deploy the Alexa
> skill though.’
> Should I run some form of compiling process involving Python?
> If so, what is the command line routine to do this?

Python doesn't need (ahead-of-time) compilation so no. Either way the
packaging and deployment to AWS is the harder bit, but all this is in
the documentation - I've built scripts (or you can use third-party
tooling, also detailed) to help build and deploy as necessary.

> This would explain why I could not find any src/ file. There
> is no src directory.

Sorry, yes, I meant 'squeezealexa/'

> Finally you were correct, my home set up will eventually be: RPi as NAS
> / home server (to install, say, stunnel etc). I have used the RPi  as a
> Home server since they were first introduced. A RPi is easily up to the
> task.
> However, at present I am using a separate RPi for this project so as not
> to interfere with my home server’s daily routines. If I muck it up it is
> easy to start again. :)

Great. That should work fine then.

BTW best way to get detailed support is either via the 'squeeze-alexa
chatroom' ( or filing a Github
issue - it's too hard on forums ;)

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