kosmonaut_75 wrote: 
> Thanks! I will give it a try. I use Minimserver normally in combination
> with BubbleUPNP on my Android phone (which works perfectly). Now I am
> playing around with LMS and the Squeeze Ctrl Android App because of the
> multiroom functions. So far, to be honest, I am not overly impressed
> with LMS since Minimserver seems to be way more stable, better organised
> for classical music and also quicker -  At any rate - thank your for
> ideas.

I have no stability issues with LMS.

As for "better organised for classical music": I'm "working" on that.
(@Michael: Huhu! I'm not the only one! :-) )

May I ask which tags exactly are supported in Minimserver? They don't
seem to support recording, a rather odd choice, if I may say so. How do
you distinguish between recordings?

QLMS 7.9.2@2.04 x64 (digimaster) with perl 5.28 dedicated to me. :D /
QNAP 469L QTS 4.3.4
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