dunk wrote: 
> my lms server is running on a pc next to the multi-room amp in a
> cupboard and isnt anywhere physical that i can link to using line-in and
> waveinput (which i cant get working reliably anyway as it always breaks
> with 2 analog inputs from usb soundcards which are required for my
> multiple virtual squeezelite players)
This seem to be a squeezlite issue and something for a separate thread.
Maybe permissions or wrong use of audio devices (e.g. Pulseaudio and
Alsa devices mixed)  What do you mean "virtual"  - are the squeezlites
running in separate VMs  ?

> so im left with a solution that is local to the record player - with a
> analog line-in that can send out a stream eg mp3 via wired or wireless
> ethernet that the  lms server can connect to
Cost is the issue.  May need to be creative - cheap or 2nd hand DAC &
old 2nd hand RPi1or 2 may be enough.

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