Hi Martin,

I just installed your latest version on my DS1815+ (running latest
version of DSM6) I've run into a problem I never had
before, i.e. I can't connect to the webserver as I only get a screen
with the proper greenish background and the text
"Loading Logitech Media Server..." but nothing happens.

The server is running fine, my iphone and Squeezeboxes can connect fine,
the log file doesn't show any issues, etc.

This is really weird and I never had such an issue before. I also tested
various browsers to see if this could be an issue
related to Firefox but no change.

The last version I had installed and which worked fine was 161.1056 or
161.1068 (can't remember anymore).

Any help is highly appreciated.


pinkdot wrote: 
> Hi,
> I uploaded new packages for DSM6, enjoy.
> DSM6 packages: http://server.pinkdot.nl/dsm6/
> Changelog: http://server.pinkdot.nl/dsm5/changelog.html
> Greetings,
> Martin

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