drmatt wrote: 
> One further request .. I have music all over the place depending on the
> source, so is it possible to implement a view that's "everything, EXCEPT
> tagged folders .. "?
> Right now I have numerous methods of producing a "kids" view, but I
> really want a main view that's "everything but the kid's stuff" ..
> Ultimately I can write out the appropriate tags and manage those with
> scripts if necessary but it's inelegant.. :)
That's something that was always on my feature list (the ability to
define library views based on combinations of other library views), but
I need to have a think about how that would be configured.

drmatt wrote: 
> Oh, and could the Help text in the LMS GUI be updated to include the
> template for the filenames you need to create?
That's already in the next planned release, which makes the
configuration page a little easier to use. Not sure whether I'll release
that 'as is', or wait until I've also implemented the subfolder

Thanks for your interest.


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