digisam wrote: 
> Try disabling and then removing the localplayer plugin.
> Then try Squeezeplay from
> https://sourceforge.net/projects/lmsclients/files/squeezeplay/osx/ 
> That gives you a familiar "app" that you can open and quit rather than
> background processes. 
> Do you play music on any other devices other than the iMac? If not then
> you might be better off sticking with Squeezeplay.
> If you do have a need for Squeezelite it is best to install it
> separately (i can provide instructions on how I install it on my macs if
> you need help)

Thank you for responding. I uninstalled 'localplayer' then tried
following the instructions provided by 'ralphy' for squeezelite with
partial success. The main issue was that squeezelite started before LMS
and so LMS wouldn't register it. I found a little app called
'Delaystart' which allowed me to delay squeezelite startup until after
LMS had started and now squeezeplay works. 

The only remaining issue is that when squeezeplay starts it produces a
dialogue box asking whether to allow network connections or not. A
little inconvenient but acceptable. 

I'll probably give squeezeplay a try at some stage. 

Many thanks for your help. 


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