Do you do anything different to 'ralphy's' install method? A clean
startup of squeezelite on iMac would be preferable if possible so could
you post your install method on iMac? 

I use other hardware for LMS but sometimes when I'm using iMac it's nice
to be able to listen to music through that. iMac is in a room where not
other sources are available and playing through other software is
nowhere near as flexible! For me, nothing beats LMS for flexibility and
I suppose familiarity is part of my desire to use LMS. 


1 x Touch
1 x Radio
1 x Boom
1 x Cubox-i4 Pro SoA
1 X Odroid-XU4 as main server and player running LMS 7.9
Lavry DA-10 DAC
HP PC as secondary server running LMS 7.9
Starfish Pre-amp : Based on NAIM
Heavily modified NAIM NAP 250 Power-amp
Behringer DEQ2496
Linn Isobarik DMS
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