Hi everybody,
I'm Heiner from Max2Play. You are probably already acquainted with
flysurfer who is working hard on improving and expanding our OS. I will
be here to occasionally tell you about new updates and features we add
to our images and hopefully chime in on topics that Max2Play might be
relevant to. Regarding technical support, we have specific forums on our
website wherein you will find the fastest and most direct help you can
get on any issues with our system.

Since we last posted here, a lot of new and exciting features and
plugins were added to Max2Play. I will take the time and tell you about
some of them here:

We have updated all our images to a new, more clear and elegant web
interface design, while keeping all the familiar elements and options
our users have grown accustomed to. However, we also added some useful
new elements like a small dropdown menu on the top-right corner to
navigate all your Max2Play devices if you are running a multiroom
system. We also expanded our help-section on every plugin so that you
are always just one click away from our documentation on every feature.

We also added WPS as a possible connection method to every new image.
This is especially helpful with the new Raspberry Pi 3 which has a
built-in WiFi module and thus allows for an immediate connection to the
local network after the first boot.

Our new bluetooth plugin lets you pair your Raspberry with a bluetooth
speaker of your choice which you can then use as the output for an
additional player in your system. Once paired, the speaker will
automatically reconnect to the Pi.

We added Google Music functionality to our Squeezebox Server installer.
The open-source plugin comes preinstalled, you need to enter your
credentials and a Mobile ID for validation from Google.

Huge thanks to our user pepsi95 who almost single-handedly translated
our web interface in the French language once we published a translation
server that applies the changes to our demo image in real time and adds
them in every new update. You can find the server on our website if you
want to contribute in your preferred language.

This our most recent new plugin and it adds a great new feature to the
Max2Play OS. Using HTTP-Requests, you can use the plugin to configure
voice control capabilities for most of Max2Play's central applications.
We have solutions for both Android and iOS devices to use for voice
control and the plugin directly generates some useful HTTP-Commands
based on your device's setup.

Those are just a few of the great improvements we have been working on.
There is much more to explore and, of course, much more to come in the
future. However, we never lost our focus on integrating the great
Squeezebox technology into our OS to realize the best possible
conditions for a versatile multiroom audio system. Building on the
Squeezebox Server, we continuously added new features for this system,
from Multisqueeze for creating as many players on one device as you
like, to Jivelite with its specific skins for touchscreen use and clear,
beautiful interface. All these different components come together in our
images to get the best out of the Squeezebox foundation.

If you have any general questions, ideas or suggestions, we would love
to hear them.

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