I would use InfluxDB as database & Grafana for graphing.

As you already using memory plugin, you can use pmacct client and push
data to InfluxDB. It is webservice, so simple bash & curl will work.


On 11/09/2016 11:01 PM, Robert Juric wrote:
> After fiddling around for a few days I'm still at a loss for finding a
> good graphing option.
> I've been working today trying to use the memory plugin and cacti to
> graph some data, but I realized that it won't be good for dynamic type
> graphs. I could easily graph total tcp/udp traffic since those don't
> alter too much. Ideally I'd like to aggregate the dst_ports but I'd like
> to graph the top 5. I understand Cacti may not be the best for this
> since you have to define the data sources manually.
> What other options are available or commonly used for graphing?
> Preferably something that can be aggregated on a per conversation basis?
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