Hi everybody,
I've got a necessity to account traffic to/from my IPs within some prefixes (like, per-server traffic). With IPv4 I use the following configuration:

plugins: mysql[traffic_in], mysql[traffic_out]
aggregate[traffic_in]: src_net, dst_host
aggregate[traffic_out]: src_host, dst_net
aggregate_filter[traffic_in]: vlan and (dst net <my_first_net> or dst net <my_second_net> or dst net <my_third_net>) aggregate_filter[traffic_out]: vlan and (src net <my_first_net> or src net <my_second_net> or src net <my_third_net>)

That config makes me able to get the traffic per-the-ip from the "everything to everything" sFlow got from the core switch. That works like a charm.

Apparently, another approach to the IPv6 is needed as the similar aggregate_filter configuration doesn't work. I've tried:
aggregate_filter[traffic_out_v6]: vlan and src net 2a00:1234::/32
Does anyone have some working IPv6 aggregate_filter examples?

Also, is there a way to aggregate the IPv6 accounting to the /64 prefix basis, not to the each IP within my v6 space?

Thanks for helping in advance!

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