I'm trying to use nDPI with the nfacctd daemon. I've compiled and installed everything. I added the class attribute to the aggregate list, when I start the daemon it says that it is running with --enable-ndpi. Yet every netflow entry says that the class is unknown.


plugins: amqp
aggregate: peer_src_ip, src_host, dst_host, src_port, dst_port, proto, class, tos, tcpflags, in_iface, out_iface, etype, vlan, flows, export_proto_version

Example netflow entry:

    event_type: 'purge',
    class: 'unknown',
    vlan: 0,
    etype: '800',
    peer_ip_src: 'some-peer-ip',
    iface_in: 12,
    iface_out: 14,
    ip_src: 'some-src-ip',
    ip_dst: 'some-dst-ip',
    port_src: 62287,
    port_dst: 161,
    tcp_flags: '0',
    ip_proto: 'udp',
    tos: 0,
    sampling_rate: 0,
    export_proto_version: 9,
    stamp_inserted: '2017-11-22 10:35:00',
    stamp_updated: '2017-11-22 10:36:01',
    flows: 1,
    packets: 3,
    bytes: 292,
    writer_id: 'default_amqp/75018'

Log output:

Nov 22 09:57:56 localhost nfacctd[74227]: INFO ( default/core ): NetFlow Accounting Daemon, nfacctd 1.7.0-git (20170924-00) Nov 22 09:57:56 localhost nfacctd[74227]: INFO ( default/core ): '--enable-rabbitmq' '--enable-jansson' '--enable-ndpi' '--enable-l2' '--enable-ipv6' '--enable-64bit' '--enable-threads' '--enable-traffic-bins' '--enable-bgp-bins' '--enable-bmp-bins' '--enable-st-bins'

Any idea what might be causing the problem?



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