Hi guys, hi Paolo,

I resurrect this old thread, but I guess something should be updated in the 
code about this.

The default sql_delimiter is ",".
But the "," character is present in recorded AS paths for non-atomic aggregates 
and looks like this:
So this causes the whole update to be rejected.

As the default delimiter isn't compatible with the information to record, I 
suggest it should be changed to something else (here we have good results with 
# for now).

Olivier Benghozi

> Le 4 déc. 2014 à 19:17, THE MIGHTY VEXORG <vex...@gmail.com> a écrit :
> That did it! My apologies for not seeing the sql_delimiter directive
> while reading through the documentation. I will try to rtfm better in
> the future.
> Pat
> On 12/03/2014 11:21 PM, Paolo Lucente wrote:
>> Hi Pat,
>> Give a try changing the COPY delimiter using the sql_delimiter directive.
>> You can read more about the directive in CONFIG-KEYS. Keep me posted.
>> Cheers,
>> Paolo
>> On Wed, Dec 03, 2014 at 01:30:20AM -0800, THE MIGHTY VEXORG wrote:
>>> Using the pgsql plugin with both sql_use_copy and as_path as part of the
>>> aggregate appears to cause errors during the copy. It seems that there
>>> is an occasional extra comma in the as_path which then causes the copy
>>> to fail. This only appears to happen with the pgsql plugin when both
>>> sql_use_copy is true and as_path is part of the aggregate.
>>> relevant parts of my nfacctd.conf:
>>> aggregate[bgp_hourly]: src_as, dst_as, peer_src_ip, peer_dst_ip,
>>> as_path, std_comm, local_pref, med, in_iface
>>> aggregate[flat]: src_as, dst_as, peer_src_ip, peer_dst_ip, as_path,
>>> std_comm, local_pref, med, in_iface
>>> plugins: print[flat], pgsql[bgp_hourly]
>>> sql_use_copy[bgp_hourly]: true
>>> print_output[flat]: csv
>>> "flat" was used to print to csv file to help troubleshoot this problem.
>>> When the error occurs, the postgresql log has the following:
>>> 2014-12-02 19:50:51 EST ERROR:  22P04: extra data after last expected column
>>> 2014-12-02 19:50:51 EST CONTEXT:  COPY acct_bgp_hourly_20141202_1900,
>>> line 28889: "2014-12-02 19:50:51,2014-12-02 19:00:00,0,5,64520,577:55
>>> 577:5606 577:11100 577:22111,174 39743 {322..."
>>> 2014-12-02 19:50:51 EST LOCATION:  NextCopyFrom, copy.c:2376
>>> 2014-12-02 19:50:51 EST STATEMENT:  COPY acct_bgp_hourly_20141202_1900
>>> (stamp_updated, stamp_inserted, as_src, iface_in, as_dst, comms,
>>> as_path, local_pref, med, peer_ip_src, peer_ip_dst, packets, bytes) FROM
>>> and the corresponding line from the csv file:
>>> 0,64520,577:55_577:5606_577:11100_577:22111,174_39743_{3223,64520},110,0,,,5,4,160
>>> It looks like the extra comma in the as_path field matches the
>>> delimiter, making postgresql think there is an extra field. Is there a
>>> way around this other than setting sql_use_copy to false or not
>>> collecting as_path data when using the pgsql plugin? Is there any other
>>> information I should collect to better troubleshoot this problem? In my
>>> setup, setting sql_use_copy to false makes it hard for nfacct/pgsql to
>>> be able to keep up with the incoming flows, so I would prefer to avoid
>>> that option if possible.
>>> Pat

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