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If you are collecting with nfacctd, you can enrich NetFlow data once
collecting (not replicating); then you can export to 3rd party elements
via files (print plugin) or Kafka/RabbitMQ. Enrichment of BGP data at
the replicator is not supported and i doubt it will be in future since
it is easier only for NetFlow v5 whereas it is rather tricky with v9 and
IPFIX as it requires inserting TLVs in both template and data packets.


On Sat, Mar 03, 2018 at 09:52:47AM -0600, Mike Hammett wrote:
> My routers (Mikrotik) don't export the ASN information with the netflow data. 
> It looks like the tee plugin can send netflow on to another device. However, 
> it does NOT look like I can use pmacct's ability to join netflow with BGP and 
> then export that as netflow. Correct? 
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