Hi Tim,

The first three points can be achieved no problem; the 4th is currently
not possible. I'm soon going to start working on a dev that would allow
you to achieve filtering (of networks) with the tee plugin (as it does
exist today for sFlow). At least in a phase 1 it will not be possible to
include any (BGP) enrichment in the replicated NetFlow stream.


On Fri, Apr 27, 2018 at 10:37:55AM +0200, Tim Weippert wrote:
> Hi List, 
> i would like ot know if this is a feasible scenario with pmacct:
> - Receive Netflow Data (v5/v9)
> - Enrich them with BGP Data
> - Send it via amqp to rabbitmq
> - Send it via nfprobe to other netflow collector (with filtering of
>   src/dst networks, as the collector should only get a specific src/dst
>   network view)
> The first 4 parts i'm able to validate on my own and set them
> successfully up (additional write broker informations to influx and use
> grafana to show them ... maybe some bps recalculation issues ...).
> But i think the last part isn't possible with the current pmacct
> implementation. I tried with tee plugin, but it is marely exclusive and
> disallows filtering of internal netflow informations like src/dst.
> Additional i thought about nfacctd + nfprobe plugin but this is not
> possible. And an option to "replicate" or store my enriched netflow
> information in a format which can be feeded to pmacct + nfprobe isn't
> available, or maybe i can't find them.
> Is there a solution for my conditions?
> regards, 
> tim
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